The Non-Edible Donut

After many hours of creating a world using various methods from Polybrush to Unity terrain editor (yes, I even tried procedural generation) I decided to hide that effort and return it to a flat plane world.

Putting world creation aside, I decided to learn something else. Dealing with objects and code in Unity had left me desiring another media. I turned to Blender. I’ve fiddled with it a little but was always stressed by the lack of knowledge on controls and hot keys.

Searching online I found a tutorial by Blender Guru ( I must say I was astonished by the clarity and directness of this series. I’ve still only gone through the first three videos, but it has completely changed the way I see Blender. Knowing how to find certain features, or where to look when you don’t know where to find something is insanely helpful. I’ve made a non edible donut! Granted, it still needs sprinkles and textures, but you’ve got to start somewhere!

I’ll continue working through these tutorials, and then start attempting to make simple game objects from scratch. An apple is the first thing that comes to mind. Perhaps we’ll just have some starting random spawns be donuts and apples.

Being able to complete this part of the process will be big steps for me. I’ve integrated mechanisms to pick up objects when within range, but will soon be replacing these dummy sphere objects with real ones. Once I get my fill with modeling, I’ll turn back to scripting to build the mechanism that allows the player to chop down trees and/or destroy other in game objects.

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